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Why The New Google Search Ads Design Is a Subtle Work of Genius

Posted by Fabian Stelzer on Mar 20, 2014

It's official - Google has rolled out a major redesign of their search results and search ads. The company line, as outlined by Jon Wiley - Google's lead designer for search - is that the new design improves "readability and creates an overall cleaner look", while the redesign of the ads is "making the multi-device experience more consistent."
Google's desktop ads now do match the design of their mobile versions and achieving multi-device consistency certainly is a great reason. We'd like to take a data-informed guess on what other good reasons Google might have had for this major revamp of their most important interface. 

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Topics: CRO, UX, Design Strategy

The 3 Most Surprising Insights From a 200 Website Eye-Tracking Study

Posted by Fabian Stelzer on Jan 15, 2014

At EyeQuant, we do a lot of eye-tracking as part of our mission to teach computers to see the web like humans do. The main purpose of our studies is to find the statistical patterns that power our attention models (which you can use to instantly test your websites!) Today, we're sharing 3 of the most surprising insights we found. 

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The Secret Reason behind a 262% Conversion Lift

Posted by Fabian Stelzer on Mar 11, 2013

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What's in a Heatmap? Predictive Eye-Tracking versus Click-Tracking

Posted by Fabian Stelzer on Oct 29, 2012

Here at EyeQuant, we are often asked what the difference is between EyeQuant and click-tracking tools such as ClickTale or Crazy Egg. Many marketers assume they are the same thing – afterall, they're all heatmaps of your webpage, right?

Indeed they are, but a heatmap is just a means of visualizing data. The insight you gain from any particular heatmap is based entirely on what kind of data it actually represents. For example, you can have a heatmap showing where heat (literally) is escaping from inside your home, and you can also have a heatmap representing the volume of “tweets” from a given geographic area:

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"50% of all users don't buy because they can't find what they're looking for" - Shane Cassells, Google

Posted by Fabian Stelzer on Aug 28, 2012

If you're interested in conversion optimization, you must check out Google Conversion Expert Shane Cassells' excellent presentation in its entirety - his points are very much in line with our mission at EyeQuant: help your users find what they are looking for on your websites as quick as possible. 

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Topics: CRO, UX, Design Strategy

Caltech STUDY: What you see is what you buy - how a simple design trick affects consumer choices

Posted by Fabian Stelzer on Jul 25, 2012

When consumers are busy, under time pressure or slightly indifferent towards a product's branding they tend to choose products that visually pop out, even overriding their personal preferences.

As the old adage goes, "seeing is believing". World-famous behavioural economist Daniel Kahneman specified the principle as "What You See Is All There Is", pointing out how most of our decisions are based on quick, intuitive and ultimately flawed perceptual processes. A simple example of this is the universally flabberghasting Müller-Lyer illusion, in which two lines of equal length appear to differ once outwards and inwards arrows are added.

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Let's talk about CRO #1: Stephen Pavlovich from Conversion Factory

Posted by Fabian Stelzer on Jul 03, 2012

At EyeQuant we're working on the best tools for conversion optimization experts. "Let's talk about CRO" is our brand new interview column dedicated to those experts. We kick things off with Stephen Pavlovich, CEO of Conversion Factory in London! 

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The Power of Eye-Tracking Results in A/B Testing

Posted by Fabian Stelzer on May 21, 2012

The Conversion Optimization gurus from WiderFunnel, without a doubt one of the most reputed international agencies around, have set up a cool website called ConversionSkills that prompts you to guess the results of A/B-n tests. Here's an example of 3 landing page variations selling business cards:

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How to effectively hide your Call to Action #1: LinkedIn Upgrades.

Posted by Fabian Stelzer on May 14, 2012

We at EyeQuant really like LinkedIn. We actually like it so much that we recently decided to upgrade our premium accounts to the next tier – however, this is easier said than done. What particularly struck us was how LinkedIn seems to deliberately hide their "Upgrade my account" call to action once you're already using a premium account: it took us half a minute (i. e. 0.5 internet hours) on their account settings page to finally see it:

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How we redesigned EyeQuant - using EyeQuant

Posted by Fabian Stelzer on Mar 04, 2012

It’s hard to imagine Karl Lagerfeld wearing Flip Flops, a t-shirt and shorts. He’s not only a fashion designer, but a fashion icon himself.

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