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How to effectively hide your Call to Action #1: LinkedIn Upgrades.

Posted by Fabian Stelzer on May 14, 2012

We at EyeQuant really like LinkedIn. We actually like it so much that we recently decided to upgrade our premium accounts to the next tier – however, this is easier said than done. What particularly struck us was how LinkedIn seems to deliberately hide their "Upgrade my account" call to action once you're already using a premium account: it took us half a minute (i. e. 0.5 internet hours) on their account settings page to finally see it:

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How we redesigned EyeQuant - using EyeQuant

Posted by Fabian Stelzer on Mar 04, 2012

It’s hard to imagine Karl Lagerfeld wearing Flip Flops, a t-shirt and shorts. He’s not only a fashion designer, but a fashion icon himself.

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