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We’re a Berlin based SaaS company teaching computers to see designs like humans do, using a mix of machine learning and visual neuroscience. More and more companies aspire to base design decisions on data, and our mission is to help them achieve this with a specialized Artificial Intelligence. Today, EyeQuant is used by hundreds of customers worldwide, including companies like Google, Nike, Epson and POSSIBLE.
If this sounds like fun, we should talk!

A few important things you should know about us right away:
  •  We’re building a supportive and learning-focused culture and take your personal growth seriously.
  • We expect you to fully own your area of responsibility. You decide how to structure your work so that you can have biggest impact on the team's success.
  • We do our best work during flexible and family-friendly hours. Some of us occasionally work from home or from a sunny beach. Suffering is not a KPI for us.
  • We're spending a large chunk of our waking hours at work, so we should have some fun doing it, too! While we do abhor startup stereotypes and Nathan Barley tropes, we like doing breakfast brunches together, watching a movie or just going out for a drink or bite after work.
  • We operate a strict no-asshole policy: zero tolerance for inappropriate or abusive behaviour. Life is too short for that.
  • We're open for the odd. The best ideas sound odd at first, and they come from weird places. Likewise, the greatest minds and people can be odd at times. That’s cool. Please bring your odd you, and we’ll bring ours.

Current Openings:

Trusted by world-class CRO, UX and AdTech teams at:
  • Google
  • Canon
  • Epson
  • RBS
  • Newegg
  • Possible