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We’re a Berlin based SaaS company teaching computers to see designs like humans do, using a mix of machine learning and visual neuroscience. More and more companies aspire to base design decisions on data, and our mission is to help them achieve this with a specialized Artificial Intelligence. Today, EyeQuant is used by hundreds of customers worldwide, including companies like Google, Epson and POSSIBLE.

Current Openings:

Head of Engineering (Berlin)

EyeQuant is entering into an exciting period of fast growth and scale-up. We have recently raised new capital to fund our expansion over the next 2-3 years and we are looking for ambitious, entrepreneurial and fun people to join our team.

Over the past few years, we have developed some unbelievable technology by fusing Machine Learning and Neuroscience into a platform that can be used by digital professionals across almost any industry to objectively and scientifically validate their work before they go live, dramatically reducing the cost and risk associated with current processes.

In the near future, we envisage that every digital designer will use our software in their daily workflow and have made excellent progress towards this. We currently analyse thousands of digital experiences and are driving to increase our user base, signing up both corporate and other clients every day. We now want to capitalise on this and grow fast. We need people like you to get on the bus with us.

About us

  • We believe in testing everything and continuously improving based on what we learn.
  • We prefer quiet, objective and data-led discussions over chest thumping and table banging.
  • We derive our greatest enjoyment and satisfaction from the success of our business, working hard to see it grow, and continuously building on it. And then we celebrate that success as a team.
  • We hate company politics. Instead we value open, honest and frank conversations.
  • EyeQuant team members are never afraid to say what they see and call it as it is.
  • We believe strongly in inclusivity, and we welcome applications from anyone regardless of age, gender, sexuality, race, or physical ability.

Your Responsibilities

  • Collaborate closely with Product Management to deliver high-quality software products that achieve business success and meet customer needs.
  • Build, lead and manage a development team of 5 web and machine learning engineers.
  • Full ownership of overall technology strategy and technology roadmap, both for the long and short term.
  • Recruit and retain new engineers to build out a world-class team.
  • Evolve the application and system architecture to keep supporting the needs of the business and the development team alike, while maintaining security and compliance.
  • Implement adequate processes to allow the team to deliver results with minimal waste and friction.
  • Foster a learning culture and help the team level up their lean/agile/xp skills, including pairing, TDD, and experimentation.
  • You will report directly to the CEO.

About You

  • You are an experienced software engineer or leader with a strong delivery record in web-based products.
  • You have experience leading small teams and know how to motivate diverse groups to collaborate and support each other to achieve shared goals.
  • You have been responsible for hiring developers before.
  • You still code and have good hands-on and architectural skills.
  • You have a keen interest in Machine Learning and AI.
  • You recognise that DevOps is a culture, not a person.
  • You understand and are passionate about the processes and practices required to build successful product delivery teams.
  • Agile principles and Lean practices are second nature to you.
  • You don’t need to know any German (but you’re of course welcome if you do!).

Interested? Email to learn more.

Trusted by world-class CRO, UX and AdTech teams at:
  • Google
  • Canon
  • Epson
  • RBS
  • Newegg
  • Possible