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How to effectively hide your Call to Action #1: LinkedIn Upgrades.

Posted by Fabian Stelzer

We at EyeQuant really like LinkedIn. We actually like it so much that we recently decided to upgrade our premium accounts to the next tier – however, this is easier said than done. What particularly struck us was how LinkedIn seems to deliberately hide their "Upgrade my account" call to action once you're already using a premium account: it took us half a minute (i. e. 0.5 internet hours) on their account settings page to finally see it:


Hint: it's that link in the lower right corner. Yes, that link.

To make sure it's not just us, we ran a quick EyeQuant perception analysis that shows us what most users will see when looking at LinkedIn's account summary page: a lot of interesting info. And no visible call-to-action button or link at all:


And while it's nice to get an overview of our current features, all we really want right now is another upgrade!

Digging a bit deeper, EyeQuant's Regions of Interest feature tells us that the "Upgrade" link is not only not visible right away, but over 20% less visible than their the whole website's average:


Now, LinkedIn users aren't exactly in a position to just switch to another provider - which they probably would if this was a typical eCommerce scenario!

If you're curious how visible your call to action buttons are, head over to EyeQuant and get a full attention analysis of your website or landing page for free.

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