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EyeQuant and Trademap form new strategic partnership

Posted by Lorna Crowley

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Welcoming Andrei Patriciu to the EyeQuant team

Posted by Lorna Crowley

We are delighted to announce that we have yet another new team member. Andrei Patriciu is joining the team based in Berlin as our latest Senior Frontend Developer. In order to introduce him properly, we've asked him a few questions:  

#1: What was your first job?

My first job, right after university, was a programmer in a very small company that was installing flat heating centrals. My tasks were: to write a salary calculation software, to make coffee for the boss and to vacuum the office. I failed miserably at the last two.

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If 95% of purchasing decisions are unconscious, why are you wasting budget on focus groups?

Posted by Lorna Crowley

Okay, okay. I’ll admit, that’s a rather inflammatory statement but the sentiment remains. For decades, businesses have facilitated focus groups to directly engage with their customers, with the view of collecting more ‘real’ insight into their opinions and the emotions driving purchasing behavior. Whilst this feedback is highly valuable, many businesses are placing too much emphasis on the results, especially when there may be a more accurate, faster and cost-effective method of using consumer insight at scale to influence marketing decisions. *drum roll please* Introducing the power of neuromarketing…

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