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What are Website Heatmaps and How to Use Them?

Posted by Rory Gallagher

Demystifying Website Heat Maps: A Complete Guide for Enterprise Buyers.

Heat maps: it’s probably the broadest, most popular category of insight tools available to any company that wants to understand and improve the user experience on their website.

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How carousel banners influence first impressions and UX in eCommerce

Posted by Dominic Harkness

Carousels. Sliders. Rotating banners. Whatever you call them, we all know them. They inhabit the home pages of most eCommerce and corporate websites, much to the chagrin of experts and the annoyance of users everywhere.

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What is the Best Color to Use for Call to Action Buttons?

Posted by Kurtis Morrison


The Truth About Button Color on Websites (According to NASA and Eye Tracking)

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Increase Ecommerce Sales with Cleaner Design

Posted by Kurtis Morrison

Internet Retailer recently released its top 500 guide (note: paywall), which tracks the performance of the largest eCommerce sites in the world.

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Eye Tracking Website Study - Insights from 200 Websites

Posted by Fabian Stelzer

At EyeQuant, we do a lot of eye-tracking as part of our mission to teach computers to see the web like humans do. The main purpose of our studies is to find the statistical patterns that power our attention models (which you can use to instantly test your websites!) Today, we're sharing 3 of the most surprising insights we found. 

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