See your designs through your customers' eyes

If your most important content isn’t visible within three seconds, chances are you’ve lost your audience. Our AI-powered eye-tracking technology provides instant, actionable insights to empower your design team.


AI-powered eyetracking

We use AI and visual neuroscience to create precise simulations of how users will engage with digital experiences before their launch. These show where users will focus, the level of attention in specific areas, clarity metrics, and much more.

Shorten design processes by up to 25%

Visually optimise your designs before you launch them to the way humans consume visual data.

Increase conversion rate by up to 50%

Give your teams the latest in AI-powered user insights to inform design decisions and iterate fast.

Transform stakeholder management

Remove subjective debate from your meetings by using objective data to streamline the design process.


With EyeQuant, start at iteration 10 of your design, not 1, and test optimal experiences on customers, not sub-optimal.

Kevin Chin

Group Director of Marketing Effectiveness, AIA

Why choose EyeQuant?


Our predictions are over 90% as accurate as conducting physical studies involving hundreds of participants.

Easy set-up

Quick and easy to set up and requires no integration, no code implementation or compatibility issues.


We don't use people, we don't use web cams- privacy is in our DNA. And we're also GDPR compliant.

The latest data

Our predictive data models (that analyse over 1.6m data points across 20,000 experiments) are refreshed regularly to ensure up to date data.

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Liberty London

Iconic retailer Liberty was struggling to drive significant change in ecommerce performance as a result of slow internal processes, website design by committee and a disconnect between strategy and website development. 

It used EyeQuant’s insights to help redesign and optimise its online experience and increase revenue by £5.6m over 12 months. This included: 

Observed uplift in conversion of over 7%

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Founded by three of the world's leading neuroscientists at CalTech and the University of Osnabruck, at EyeQuant we are rooted in science. 

We are committed to pushing the boundaries of applied neuroscience and AI to address real-world challenges faced by creators, individuals, and businesses globally.

Science first, tech second

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As well as thousands of agencies and SMEs across the globe.


Attention analysis

Workflow integrations

With our Figma plugin, you can instantly analyse any design directly in the Figma platform, saving you time and effort. 

Our Chrome extension allows you to instantly analyse any page you’re currently viewing in your browser, making competitor benchmarking and CRO analysis frictionless.

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Advanced security

No more wasting hours, days or even weeks conducting user research, focus groups or surveys. Through maps and scores, our insights show visual attention, visual clarity and emotional impact.

Your security is our top priority. With clients that include some of the world's largest companies, we've implemented industry-leading security measures to safeguard both your users and your valuable data. Our stringent IT and infosec compliance protocols ensure that your digital assets remain protected at all times.

Join the wave of companies using AI-powered insights... 

Increase in use of search by 31%

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Increase in average revenue per user of 15%