Get predictive heat maps and quantitative
insights on any design with just one click.

Predict eye movements to optimize visual hierarchy.

Effective design makes it easy for users to find what they’re looking for. In order to win with today’s distracted users, you need to ensure that your most important content is visible within 3 seconds. 70% of websites fail to do this. With EyeQuant's Visual Attention Analysis, you can quickly and easily tweak designs to shine a spotlight on key content.

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EyeQuant Heat Map Example
EyeQuant Clarity Map Example

Measure clutter – and get it under control. 

Most websites are simply too cluttered. Having too much content on a page causes cognitive load for users and leads to confusion and frustration. With EyeQuant's Clarity Score, you can objectively measure the clarity of your own designs, compare alternatives, and benchmark against competitors.

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Understand the emotional impact of every design.

The visual design of a page can dramatically affect users first impressions, including their emotional perception of your website. With EyeQuant's Excitingness Score, you can identify whether your creative will have a stimulating or calming effect on users. This ensures that your design is consistent with your brand and message.

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EyeQuant Excitingness Score Example
EyeQuant Analysis Summary

Easily bring data into every part of the design process.

EyeQuant can analyze wireframes, mockups, and prototypes as well as content that's already live. It doesn't matter if it's for desktop or mobile, logged-in or logged-out views. It could be your own design or your competitors'  - as long a you've got an image file or URL, you can analyze it in a matter of seconds.

And since it doesn't require you to place any tracking code on your website, you won't have to worry about web performance issues or the security of your customers' data.

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Become an expert in design effectiveness.

EyeQuant has a dedicated Customer Success team that will help you get the most out of our game-changing technology. This includes a comprehensive onboarding program, training, and a practical playbook for how to maximize the effectiveness of any digital interface.

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EyeQuant Customer Success - Melina

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