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EyeQuant Inspect has been built specifically for innovative UX, marketing and product teams.

We know how busy you are designing mock-ups, preparing A&B variations to test, setting up remote testing sessions, updating prototypes, and that’s just this morning! EyeQuant is packed full of analytical tools that help you attract and retain user attention with unbelievable speed and accuracy.

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Instant insights

Why EyeQuant?

Remove friction from the customer journey and improve user experience (UX and UI).

With EyeQuant’s Clarity Score, you can objectively measure the clarity of your own designs, compare alternatives, and benchmark against competitors and importantly understand how best to make users engage with your key messages and CTAs. 

It’s proven, the higher the Clarity Score, the lower the bounce rate.

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Drive conversion and click-through rates by harnessing attention and emotion

The Perception Map illuminates the content that is seen in the first few seconds of landing on a web page, mobile app, email, social media post or collateral. It’s a great way to determine whether or not your design effectively directs user attention to the most important or relevant content.

Use emotion to influence buyer behaviour with EyeQuant’s Excitingness Score, which helps you identify whether your creative will have a stimulating or calming effect on your user.

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Go live with your strongest version, faster than ever before

The Regions of Interest tool measures the specific visibility of different regions. With this tool, you can measure how eye-catching certain regions are between design iterations to ensure you’re final versions are destined for success.

It doesn’t matter if it’s for desktop or mobile, your own design or a competitor’s – as long as you’ve got an image file or URL, you can get results.

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Eliminate conflict and subjectivity from the sign-off process.

By using the visual data from EyeQuant Inspect, it’s incredibly easy to effectively communicate the reason behind specific changes to button color, or altering the location of certain content.

For example, EyeQuant Inspect can validate the visibility differences between iterations with quantitative data (i.e. design element option “A” is 3x more visible than option “B”).

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Immediate iteration and validation with EyeQuant’s Chrome Extension

Use EyeQuant’s Chrome Extension to instantly analyze any page you’re currently viewing in your browser ‘on the go’. You can “inspect” and modify specific elements (size, color, font, etc.) directly within the HTML of the page to make speedy enhancements.

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Present your most successful design ideas with greater confidence.

Smooth out the sign-off process by sharing data-driven mock-ups and wireframes with decision-makers, colleagues, and clients.

EyeQuant visualizes differences between versions with quantitative data so it’s easy to justify your creative decisions.

You can even download a full analysis (including visual hierarchy, clarity and emotional impact reports) for any design.

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Rely on expert support

Our dedicated team of specialists will help you get the most out of our game-changing technology.

They’ll give you all the know-how you need; a comprehensive onboarding program, training and a practical guide to making the most of any digital interface.

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Find Your Perfect Plan

EyeQuant is a leader in Heat Maps on G2

Small Business

Ideal for smaller businesses, consultants and entrepreneurs, looking to drive efficiency and radically boost conversion.

7 days free, then £249/month

Full access to all EyeQuant Inspect reports, including:

  • Attention Heatmaps
  • Emotional Impact Scores
  • Visual Clarity Analytics
  • Chrome Extension
  • Online support
  • Help Centre
  • Unlimited usage
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Ideal for agencies looking for a way to win more new business by incorporating quantitative design data that increases the performance of creative and significantly reduces sign-off processes.

  • Up to 10 individual users
  • Removal of EyeQuant branding for reports
  • Quarterly strategy sessions
  • Multivariate testing
  • Multi-device testing
  • Advanced uploader
  • Data storage for one year
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Τeams in the world’s biggest brands are using EyeQuants Enterprise package to streamline the effectiveness of their global design processes.
This package has everything you need, it includes all functionality outlined in the other packages, plus:

  • 10 plus users
  • Unlimited data storage
  • Private Projects – perfect for managing client projects under NDA
  • Seat on Client Advisory Board (CAB) providing exclusive access to new features for free before they are released to market:
  • Ad Visibility Score
  • EyeQuant Experience
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We’re trusted by some of the world’s leading brands

“Since EyeQuant is based on a huge data pool and simulates the course of the gaze, it is possible to carry out the analysis without implementing tracking codes. We can also check design mockups, which is a great advantage for our work. The accuracy of the simulated gaze is very impressive.”

Hellen Pitikaris

Head of Conversion Rate‑Optimierung & UX

“We use EyeQuant to analyse our analytics dashboards, it helps us quantify the impact our design changes have on user attention. We share the Clarity Scores with our agencies and other departments to communicate how the colour, contrast, branded elements and layout can all negatively affect the visualisation of data.”

Fiona Gordan

Global Director BI Strategy

“I like EyeQuant a lot because it’s so fast. It’s a scalable approach to UX. I can get insights in seconds that help me define a test hypothesis, without any tracking code on the website.”

Nicolás Celedón

Conversion Specialist

“At Canon, we use EyeQuant to refine our designs and to ensure the most important design elements get the maximum exposure and the best readability. It’s like spell check, but for designs.”

Fabien Caublot

Conversion Specialist

“With EyeQuant, we’re able to bring data into the heart of our design phase, making sure we hit our goals for both iterative and unique designs.”

Nick Frame

Lead UX/UI Designer

“What used to take dedicated lab equipment and dozens of testers (and therefore cost thousands of dollars and take weeks), can now be done in a few seconds and for a few dollars thanks to EyeQuant.”

Pascal Briod

Head of Product & Co-Founder

“This is a must-have for every user experience designer. We use EyeQuant for expert reviews, prototyping and of course a whiteboard when it comes to ideation.”

Judith Heinen

Creative Director, User Experience

“With EyeQuant, we are able to quickly improve our designs by easily testing and iterating. The results give us quantifiable data we can act upon.”

Ross Higgins

Global Director of UX and Design

“EyeQuant is the essential tool our team uses when we’re validating new website designs. It gives us the data confidence that the ‘what, why and the where’ are always visible, crucial for a great user experience and increased conversion rate.”

Pekka Kantola

Web Manager

“This tool gives our team the ability to ‘test before testing’ our website designs. Not only does this benefit us from a testing, UX, and design perspective, but it also answers questions and quickly resolves debates in our department.”

Jonathan Bunio

Web Optimization Analyst

“We have been using EyeQuant for a number of years now and have seen real benefits for our own business and our clients. It enables us to identify opportunities for improvement in existing websites and new concept designs, bringing objective data into the creative process and delivering fantastic results!”

Tom Greenwood

Managing Director

We utilize this tool with all clients we currently run CRO engagements with. Clients really loves how on-the-fly we can produce quick assessments of pages they are in the process of designing.

Kendall Giglio

Director of Conversion Rate Optimization

EyeQuant is very easy to use, explain, and understand. My recommendations have more impact when I integrate the eye-tracking simulations into my analyses.

Ehow Chen

VP of Customer Insights and Digital Analytics

With EyeQuant, we are able to quickly improve our designs by easily testing and iterating. The results give us quantifiable data we can act upon.

Ross Higgins

Global Director of UX and Design

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