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We’re very excited to announce today the launch of our partnership with leading digital signage software platform, Signagelive.

Through the exclusive partnership, new and existing customers of Signagelive will be able to use EyeQuant’s unique insights to help them diagnose issues and create more effective digital ads before they go live.

Timed to coincide with the “Golden Quarter” in the run up to Christmas, the offering complements the existing Signagelive platform, further empowering content creators of all abilities.

 Jason Cremins, Signagelive CEO, said: “Through this new partnership, we’re now able to offer an unmissable opportunity to experience the future potential of AI for content management. Users will be able to use EyeQuant, free of charge, to predict the impact of their designs before customers see them, and then after publication, further test and refine them through any one of our integrated AI analytics partner solutions.

We believe that this promotion will not only offer additional value to Signagelive users, but also to the multimedia approach of those customers, who have used our headless CMS tools to build or white label their own content management systems.”

Charles Blake-Thomas, EyeQuant CEO, said: “We’re excited to partner with Signagelive, and introduce our platform to another new and emerging market.

“Our solution is based on the fundamentals of neuroscience – that is, the way humans have evolved to respond to thousands of different visual stimuli. As such, it can help pre-test, improve and validate designs intended for any media, before they go live, during the all-important creative process.”

A big welcome to all of SignageLive’s customers as they join the EyeQuant platform!

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Gemma Todd

Gemma is responsible for all things marketing and comms at EyeQuant. A former journalist, she specialises in Digital, Communications, Research, Brand Development, Content, PR & Social Media management.