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We are very excited to announce the release of our Figma plugin. 

One of the most requested features by our users, EyeQuant Inspect for Figma is now available to install [click here] and to boost your design workflow. 

The integration will enable Figma users to get instant feedback on their designs without leaving the Figma platform – making the process smoother, faster and more intuitive.

With EyeQuant Inspect Figma Plugin you can:

  • Generate EyeQuant data directly within the Figma platform, streamlining your workflow 
  • For the first time ever, answer key design questions around imagery, colour palette, visual hierarchy and much more, all without any user testing
  • See how users will engage with any design – as early as a high fidelity wireframe or prototype 
  • Save time by generating instant, actionable insights before you go live 
  • Install quickly and simply for use in all your design files.  

Figma’s community is full of rich resources such as templates, icons, tools and plugins to extend  the functionality of the tool and make workflows more efficient. 

How does the plugin work?

The plugin can be installed from the Figma page within the Figma community or by searching for EyeQuant Inspect in Community > Plugins.

Once installed, simply log into your EyeQuant account or sign up for a free trial and you’re ready to go. 

For more information on how to use it, visit our guide here:

We hope you’re as excited about this new Figma integration as we are! We’d love to hear your feedback. 

Charles Blake-Thomas


Charlie is the CEO of EyeQuant with more than 20 years’ experience in establishing and leading high-growth tech companies. He ran the Internet Banking redesign program for Lloyds Banking Group and, most recently, was Chief Product Officer at Findmypast. He is passionate about data, design but not Golf...