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Inspire, Educate & Connect 

With so many people working from home, we thought that it would be a nice idea to bring together all the different skills, experiences and thoughts from the amazing design community.

So, we’ve decided to host an online lunchtime learning club, so you can spend 30 minutes of your lunch break learning something new.

✅ Bring together people that spend a lot of time researching,
designing and creating brilliant user experiences

✅ Learn from each other to help improve our craft

✅ Educate on new techniques, trends and topics

✅ Inspire one another to create amazing user experiences

✅ Network and build an even stronger design community

Register your interest today, to make sure you get priority access to the following sessions:


Friday 2nd April – Creative CX
Designing for Principles of Eye-flow Management


Wednesday 8th April – Doug Collins
Dark Designs: Dark Patterns in UX?


Wednesday 15th April – CXL
How to conduct remote user testing



Alice Henebury

Head of Marketing

Alice has a demonstrated history of working across a multitude of technology enology companies. She specialises in in Digital, Communications, Market Research, Brand Development, Content, PR & Social Media management. Alice has a passion for technology, people and really good coffee.