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The team at Ambition Data are trusted advisors and digital analytics experts, they uncover what customers’ behavior is communicating through comprehensive, customized data visualization so that businesses can deeply enhance customer experience and drive revenue. But, with digital touchpoints proliferating and the amount of data multiplying exponentially, translating customer data into something meaningful that their clients can act on can pose a challenge. To overcome this challenge the team began looking for solutions that provided the most accurate and actionable insights that translated into quantifiable lifts in conversion. 

EyeQuant uses powerful machine-based algorithms to predict how people will view and interact with a website

Ambition Data uses analytics tools to pinpoint problematic pages based on page views and conversion rates. The data from EyeQuant gives them insight as to why that might be happening; perhaps a call-to-action button is too low on a page to generate clicks. 

Leveraging neuroscientific data to make design decisions, rather than opinion  

The data from EyeQuant helps Ambition Data bridge the gap between making an educated guess and validating it. Stakeholders spend a lot of time building a website, and even though Ambition Data are experts in digital analysis, they don’t always respond to being told how they should redesign their page to get better results. It’s way more powerful to say, “The data shows that your CTA is too hard to see.”

Comparing Variants to showcase improvements without wasting live traffic 

Ambition Data takes it to the next level by creating a sample page with changes and comparing it with the original with EyeQuant. It’s really powerful to show customers how much their clarity score can improve. Marketers love it when EyeQuant is used to tie the data to the visual aspects of a page. They see how the numbers change when people interact with different elements, and it helps them focus on better design. 

  • Empowering designers to make data driven decisions increases morale and productivity 
  • Using consumer insights before designs go live significantly reduced the amount of wasted traffic

Ehow Chen

VP of Customer Insights and Digital Analytics for Ambition Data

“EyeQuant is very easy to use, explain, and understand. My recommendations have more impact when I integrate the eye tracking simulations into my analyses.”

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