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Every month, tens of thousands of people across Britain land on this page in search of a great deal on a new boiler. For the digital optimisation team, it’s critical to maximise conversion rates on this page because clicks translate into revenue.  

An EyeQuant analysis uncovered a couple conversion-killers on the landing page. 

The £400 offer overshadowed key information like: 

  • What will I actually get?
  • What other benefits are there besides a discount?
  • The call to action

The Digital Optimisation Teams, Digital Experience Managers and Designers use EyeQuant regularly to start coming up with new design hypotheses and test mock-ups by uploading the design files into EyeQuant to get immediate objective feedback. 

The final variants that were deemed worthy of seeing live traffic had 3 things in common:

  • The offer is instantly clear, as user attention is directed immediately to an explanation of what the offer entails
  • There is a single call-to-action that’s proven to “pop”


The team at British Gas continue to use EyeQuant alongside tools including Maxymiser and Adobe analytics to identify the pinch points in customer journeys. They use the instant insights from EyeQuant to improve variations before launching A/B tests via Maxymiser.

Now that the most important information will be seen immediately, British Gas A/ B tested the new variant and achieved a 50% uplift in conversions

Malcolm Carter

Senior Optimisation Manager

“EyeQuant is extremely quick and easy to use. It helps us focus on the key message. Too often we are guilty of trying to display too many messages and calls to action. It is part of our test planning process and gives us some tangible facts when discussing designs with stakeholders.”

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