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On the Epson website, customers can buy printers, ink, paper, projectors, and other products. Epson’s eCommerce team is continuously running A/B and Multivariate tests, and were looking for an insights tool that could help them run smarter design tests. They turned to EyeQuant for help.

A quick EyeQuant test uncovered that the category page presented too much content upfront. It’s clarity score was at 10/100, which can lead to higher cognitive load for users.

Epson decided to change this by de-cluttering their page and creating a clear visual hierarchy. 

They tested a number of hypotheses such as:

  • Does the CTA design have an impact on how clean the design is?
  • How many items should be displayed at once?
  • Which banner will be most effective?

The team ultimately decided on a design that a) directed user attention to exactly the right content, and b) did so in a way that was visually clean, clear, and well organized – achieving a clarity score of 78.

This is well above average for category pages, and is a 68-point improvement on the existing version of the page. The new design was shipped for A/B testing.

The Results

  • Over 20% more clicks through to the product pages or featured items.
  • Over 20% more clicks through to category pages.
  • Over 10% more clicks on the “buy now” buttons.

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