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GreatPixel is a leading Italian UX and marketing agency that works with some of the country’s most well known brands, such as Armani and ValentinoIt was tasked with redesigning a product page for one of its major clients, Enel Energia, Italy’s leading energy company that serves around 10 million customers.

The client wanted to significantly enhance the performance of the page by increasing awareness of a new deal to potential customers, improving the click through rate and, ultimately, driving uptake.

GreatPixel’s design team used EyeQuant Inspect to analyse the existing version that was live on Enel’s site to understand why it was not performing well.

“Customer Insights Lead, Gabriele Maffoni, said: “The overall CTR was about 30% while their conversion rate was around 15%. We knew there was room for improvement, especially with increasing their CTR.

“EyeQuant instantly showed us what we had assumed – that the Call to Action buttons were virtually invisible. Too much attention was being focused elsewhere and not on the buttons.”

The team decided to create a range of alternative layouts, changing:

  • the background
  • size
  • colour
  • and positioning of the buttons to improve visibility.


They set up a trial – running each variant through EyeQuant to measure its visibility and tested it against the control version (the original). Only one design gave a high score – an increase in visibility of the buttons by 132%

“We kept iterating until we got to the strongest version. We wanted to take only one option to the client and give them one route to take. It was disruptive to their usual style but we were confident it would have the highest likelihood of success.”

The new design resulted in some impressive outcomes:

The layout was then replicated across the Enel Energia’s site to improve user experience and maximise conversion rates.

“This was a huge result for both us and the client – and one we hadn’t had before. The client was extremely happy with the outcome and got the results they wanted.” 

Gabriele Maffoni

Customer Insights Lead @ GreatPixel

“EyeQuant is incredibly useful to us. Previously, when we carried out A/B tests we'd have to wait for up to three weeks to get statistically significant results plus a week to develop it and a week to report it. And this does not take in account the time and money of the developer and time and money for us to test that everything works well. With EyeQuant, we instantly know not only what’s visible and what’s not, but also whether specific elements grab too much attention. This means having to test only one / two different layouts, not wasting time and users on layouts we already know won’t work. EyeQuant helps us achieve this scientifically-validated truth that we can show to clients"

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