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EyeQuant is a truly unique AI that uses neuroscience to accurately simulate how people will perceive your designs before they see them. Whether you’re creating new web pages, email campaigns, mobile apps, products, social media or print collateral, you can now use insight to shorten the design process and significantly improve the performance of your designs.   

You can expect EyeQuant to provide valuable insight that enables users to optimize layouts, color choices, font size, spacing, and image selection. Watch this video for a quick introduction:



EyeQuant is used worldwide by leading marketing, product and optimisation teams to inspire and validate design ideas at every stage of the design process. It should help you ‘win’ more A/B tests, weed out weaker variants, present your designs with greater confidence and move even faster.

EyeQuant can analyze images as well as live URLs, so unlike many other tools, there are no technical prerequisites to getting started.