Enhance every design decision with A.I.

EyeQuant uses machine learning to help UX, CRO & marketing teams make faster and better design decisions. 

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Trusted by world-class CRO, UX and AdTech teams at:
  • Google
  • Canon
  • Epson
  • RBS
  • Newegg
  • Possible

Test the visual impact of any design instantly –
all without tracking code or participant recruiting.


Get actionable insights on any design with one click.

EyeQuant lets you simulate thousands of users instantly with a click. Analyze and validate UX design ideas in any phase of your process.


Increase your win rate
on A/B tests.

80% of all A/B tests fail to deliver uplift.
EyeQuant makes it much easier to bet on the best variants. Quickly compare, validate and rank ideas.


Present design ideas
with DATA & confidence.

Where opinions abound, EyeQuant lets you bring data to the table (and into your slide deck!) – even minutes before your meeting.

It's like spell check for design, 
but don't take our word for it: 

"I like EyeQuant a lot because it's so fast. It's a scalable approach to UX. I can get insights in seconds that help me define a test hypothesis, without any tracking code on the website."

Nicolás Celedón

Conversion Specialist at Google

"At Canon, we use EyeQuant to refine our designs and to ensure the most important design elements get the maximum exposure and the best readability. It’s like spell check, but for designs."

Fabien Caublot

Conversion Specialist at Canon

"With EyeQuant, we’re able to bring data into the heart of our design phase, making sure we hit our goals for both iterative and unique designs."

Nick Frame

Lead UX/UI Designer at TaylorMade


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