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Meet the EyeQuant Team

Professor Christof Koch, PhD,

Scientific Advisory Board

Professor Dr. Peter König,

Co-Founder and Scientific Director

Professor Laurent Itti, PhD,

Scientific Advisory Board

We invented, developed and patented EyeQuant with brain researchers at the California Institute of Technology, the University of Southern California and the University of Osnabrück, Germany. EyeQuant is the only available predictive eye-tracking solution that delivers accurate results and is backed up by rigorous research.


Fabian Harmik Stelzer, Co-Founder & CEO

Fabian studied Cognitive Science in Osnabrueck and the Federal Institute of Technology in Zuerich. He helped launch Stan James’ Outfoxed Project in 2005/2006 - the world’s first social search software - before it became Lijit Networks and got acquired by Federated Media Publishing in 2011. Marrying his backgrounds in tech startups and neuroscience, Fabian co- founded EyeQuant in 2009 to empower every design decision with fast, reliable data.


Niko Felger, VP Technology & Product

Before coming to EyeQuant to run product and technology, Niko worked as product manager at live music startup in London. His background is in Computational Linguistics (Unis Cambridge and Saarbrücken), which explains why he can sometimes be a bit of a 'word nerd'.


Rafael Schultze-Kraft, Senior Research Scientist

Rafael completed his BSc in Cognitive Science at the University of Osnabrueck (2009), and his MSc in Computational Neuroscience at the Berlin Institute of Technology (2013), both with distinction. He works as a research and data scientist at EyeQuant, where he is primarily in charge of the advancement of EyeQuant's predictive technology via data analysis, machine learning, attention modelling and study design.


Tor Løvskogen Bollingmo, Designer

Tor is a self taught designer and has been the design lead on numerous projects over the last six years in Bergen, Norway. Deeply interested in product and service design, winning Startup Weekend 2013 with his team creating Pengo.


Natascha Stolle, Office Manager

Natascha studied business at HWR Berlin and is in charge of accounting, controlling and office management at EyeQuant. In 2013, she qualified as a company accountant.


Kurtis Morrison, VP Client Services

Kurtis studied Commerce at the University of Victoria, Canada and HHL Leipzig. Before moving to Germany in 2012, he specialized in planning and marketing concert tours for Canadian musicians. These days he spends his time helping marketers use EyeQuant to create landing pages that sell.

Felix Molitor

Felix Molitor, Senior Software Engineer

Felix grew up on the country-side of Lower-Saxony, studied Cognitive Science in Osnabruck and Sofia, and is working for software start-ups in Berlin since 2010. When he is not writing code, he might be wandering around town, playing table-tennis or practicing his Bulgarian.