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Digital marketing experts know that having data is critical for understanding and improving digital performance for their clients. But all that data can sometimes be overwhelming – especially for clients and stakeholders who aren’t accustomed to it. In order for insights to be shared and understood, raw data sometimes needs to be turned into something more meaningful and intuitive. In this case study we’ll show how Ambition Data uses EyeQuant to do just that.


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More than just a hypothesis

Ambition Data uses analytics to pinpoint problematic pages based on page views or conversion rates. And the data from EyeQuant gives them insight as to why that might be happening; perhaps a call-to-action button is too low on a page to generate clicks. It’s much more powerful to show a customer the full story using EyeQuant.

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EyeQuant uses powerful machine-based algorithms to predict how people will view and interact with a website.

The output from EyeQuant helps Ambition Data bridge the gap between making an educated guess and validating it. Stakeholders invest time and effort into building a website, and hearing a consultant say that they need to change it can be difficult. It’s way more powerful when Ambition Data can say, “The data shows that your CTA is too hard to see.”

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Comparing Variants to showcase improvements without using live traffic

Ambition Data takes it to the next level by creating a sample page with changes and comparing it to the original version with EyeQuant. It’s a really way powerful to show customers how much their clarity score can improve.

“I really enjoy comparing a website to mock changes I would make to improve on the page. Seeing the clarity score goes up is very satisfying!”
Ehow Chen,
VP of Customer Insights and Digital Analytics

Marketers love it when EyeQuant is used to tie the data to the visual aspects of a page. They see how the numbers change when people interact with different elements, and it helps them focus on better design.

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Lorna Crowley

Chief Marketing Officer

Lorna Crowley is an experienced Chief Marketing Officer with a track record of delivering impressive results. Her passion for marketing can be traced back to her university days, where she studied Psychology to better understand the drivers and motivations behind human behaviour. Digital marketing, go-to market strategies, sarcasm and writing in the third person are a few of her favourite things.