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EyeQuant and Trademap, a leading full-service e-commerce agency, form a strategic partnership with the view of increasing cross-border e-commerce in China with state-of-the-art optimization software.

16th April 2019, London, UK

Under this partnership, Trademap will be providing Chinese manufacturers, traders, cross-border sellers and e-commerce specialists with EyeQuant, the platform that combines neuroscience and artificial intelligence to accurately predict, with over 85% accuracy, how users will engage with their websites. The strategic partnership aims to empower Chinese enterprises looking to sell products internationally such as VLANDO and Urpower to make faster and smarter design decisions, which will help increase conversion rates and grow sales revenues from Western markets.

Commenting on the growing appetite for cross-border e-commerce, Charles Blake Thomas, CEO at EyeQuant said: “Cross-border e-commerce in China rose six-fold to 10.2% in 2017 and that trend looks to continue throughout 2019. It’s partly due to small and medium-sized enterprises, such as the businesses currently working with Trademap, looking to expand operations and sell globally. Therefore need for Chinese sellers to optimize touchpoints with their international buyers has never been greater.”

Blake Thomas continued: “Trademap is an ideal partner for EyeQuant, with an ecosystem of over 390,000 e-commerce companies, and a dedicated sales team possessing a wealth of e-commerce experience, they are perfectly placed to help Chinese enterprises improve conversion rates and grow international revenue streams. This is a hugely exciting opportunity for both companies”. 

When asked why Trademap embarked on the strategic partnership, James Wei, CEO at Trademap commented: “China is home to some of the world’s biggest brands, but despite their unprecedented success in China, they often struggle to expand into international markets due to the lack of perceived credibility in Western markets. Here at Trademap, we are on a mission to equip Chinese enterprises with the tools and training they need to successfully sell their products to western markets at scale. We believe EyeQuant will be instrumental in helping us to achieve our mission”.  

About Trademap
Trademap is the first Chinese service platform offering a full-service range of online training, online tools and bespoke design and branding services to help Chinese enterprises to build global brands using e-commerce as a tool. Our key focus will be on e-commerce vendors and factories(OEMs) that sell their products and merchandise overseas, mainly in LATAM, USA and Europe.
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About EyeQuant
EyeQuant gives brands the power to accurately predict, with over 85% accuracy, how customers engage with designs on websites, apps, digital banners, print adverts and more. Fusing the power of neuroscience with AI, EyeQuant enables businesses and creative agencies, like Google, LEGO, Unilever and Virgin Media, to save time, cut costs and significantly increase revenue by improving the effectiveness of their design and conversion processes.
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