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To be successful in today’s crowded landscape, marketing agencies need more than just ideas: they need to bring data and insights to the table as well. Cocomore earns their clients’ trust by incorporating a host of solutions to meet their customer’s goals, including EyeQuant.


Cocomore is a Germany-based digital agency with a focus on Marketing, IT and Experience Design and a specialization in complex eCommerce projects and digital transformation.

Finding the flaws via heuristic analyses

When a new client first connects with Cocomore, they often receive an expert review of their website. Cocomore’s User Experience consultants utilize different heuristic analyses based on behavioral psychology to investigate possible shortcomings of their customer’s designs and concepts. EyeQuant’s technology for predictive design analysis plays a crucial role in this process; it delivers a number of different visual interpretations of possible issues and conversion killers. These results give way to productive conversations between Cocomore and their clients based on actual data: 


“EyeQuant is a powerful software which delivers different visual interpretations and makes issues and potentials very clear and striking. With those results we derive suggestions for improvement, like quick wins or strategic changes.” Judith Heinen, Creative Director, User Experience at Cocomore




Once these issues have been identified and addressed, they use EyeQuant to validate new variants and designs to see how the changes affect user behavior and drive conversions.  Customers respond more easily to the visual validation, giving Cocomore an edge in making data more meaningful.

Lorna Crowley

Chief Marketing Officer

Lorna Crowley is an experienced Chief Marketing Officer with a track record of delivering impressive results. Her passion for marketing can be traced back to her university days, where she studied Psychology to better understand the drivers and motivations behind human behaviour. Digital marketing, go-to market strategies, sarcasm and writing in the third person are a few of her favourite things.