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Landing Page Example – How Amazon Could Improve It’s Landing Pages

As most of you probably know, Amazon offers a premium membership called “Prime”, which allows you to get fast,...

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Increase Ecommerce Sales with Cleaner Design

Internet Retailer recently released its top 500 guide (note: paywall), which tracks the performance of the largest eCommerce sites...

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Why The New Google Search Ads Design Is a Work of Genius

It’s official – Google has rolled out a major redesign of their search results and search ads. The company...

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Eye Tracking Website Study – Insights from 200 Websites

At EyeQuant, we do a lot of eye-tracking as part of our mission to teach computers to see the...

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Landing Pages That Convert | Less Is More

When I’m chatting with clients, partners, and prospects, I find myself talking a lot about the idea of “visual...

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Designers & Growth Hackers: Show Your Process

Show me, don’t tell me: visually communicating your process eases tensions across departments, and will make your design meeting...

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Ending the War Between Data and Creativity: Big Ideas from Media Evolution’s The Conference (Video)

Last week in Malmö, Sweden, innovators like Reddit co-founder Alex Ohanian, branding expert Cindy Gallop, and EyeQuant’s very own...

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Lame Optimization Ideas Hold Up Design Meetings: Here’s How to Stop Them

There’s an age-old saying that goes, “The only thing that stands in the way of a business making more...

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UX Web Design | Build Better Sites and PPC Landing Pages

“If houses were built the way software is built, the first woodpecker would bring down civilization.” (Anon.) A building...

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AB Testing Plan | Find Out What To AB Test

This is a guest post by Francis Teo, Lead Conversion Strategist at Conversions Guaranteed A/B testing is fast gaining popularity as...

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Heat maps: It’s probably the broadest, most popular category of insight tools available to any company that wants to understand and improve the user experience on their website.

They’ve been around for years, and most companies have used them at some time or another. They’re a staple tool for Analytics departments, Conversion Optimization teams, and User Experience professionals everywhere.

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