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E-Commerce Optimisation: treat your PDP as a sales conversation

This is a guest post by Johann Van Tonder, E-Commerce optimisation expert, COO at AWA Digital and Co-Author of...

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How to Improve Your Advertising Effectiveness?

Eyequant’s New AI Instantly Tells How Eye-catching & Effective Your Ads Are. Every day, billions of display ads are...

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AI Based Analytics, Tracking Tools & Website Heatmaps after GDPR

In May this year, new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will take effect. This new, stricter legislation has...

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How Cocomore uses EyeQuant to enhance heuristic analysis with instant data

To be successful in today’s crowded landscape, marketing agencies need more than just ideas: they need to bring data...

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How Ambition Data makes data actionable for their clients

Digital marketing experts know that having data is critical for understanding and improving digital performance for their clients. But...

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Simple Web Design: The Science Behind Why Uncluttered Websites Work

It’s become a mantra of today’s designers to opt for clean designs. No matter if you’re a B2B, eCommerce...

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Predictive Eye Tracking Analysis for Your Website

Website heatmaps have been a popular analysis tool for years, and there are dozens of different vendors out there...

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How Monito used A.I. to evaluate 12 A/B test ideas in one day

A/B testing is a powerful method for testing design variants, but it’s also expensive. Each test costs time, traffic,...

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Why First Impressions Matter for your Website Design & UX

The user experience starts way before anything is read or clicked. It only takes 50ms for users to form a...

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Increase User Engagement on your Website with Clean Web Design

There’s a clear relationship between “clean” web design and user engagement. As reported by Fast Company and Inc. Magazine, a...

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Heat maps: It’s probably the broadest, most popular category of insight tools available to any company that wants to understand and improve the user experience on their website.

They’ve been around for years, and most companies have used them at some time or another. They’re a staple tool for Analytics departments, Conversion Optimization teams, and User Experience professionals everywhere.

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